Pain:Unseen, Unknown, Unaware ~

‘Pain' is a photographic series which takes you on a journey through an individuals lived pain. Often times this pain is unseen, unknown and unaware. Each theme of pain within the series is an experience recreated to help each survivor find closure and heal. The series presents the cruel truths our society often pretends not to see. The survivors of drug addiction, sexual abuse, parental dysfunction, rape, cutting, mental illness, discrimination and alcoholism share a moment of their pain to enable others to find hope, encouragement and the strength to persevere while seeking peace within themselves.

            ‘Pain' is unsettling and harsh. The sole purpose of this series is to make aware of what is often ignored. Open the eyes of the willingly blind and confront the ugly truths of our society with a slap of brutal reality. Facing these pains is the only way to break through the denial and change our views as a society on how they are approached.

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