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exploring photography & Art with varied perceptions & techniques to create a dramatic expression of art.

My name is Amy Behrens (also known as Amy Bush or Amy B.) and I  am a self-taught photographer and artist. I have been behind the camera for about 6 years, an artist since highschool and a writer ever since I could hold a pencil.  I am married to a wonderful man who somehow manages to put up with all my messy flaws. We keep busy raising our two very talented, very teenage, boys. Recently, I've returned to school to pursue a degree in psychology & English, and hope to follow my dreams of teaching and opening an art gallery of my own. With wide interests and great diversity, I love finding new ways to keep my work intriguing and imaginative. My passion continues to grow every day. Creative expression, be it through writing, photography or art, I try and use varied perceptions and techniques to create a lyrical representation of art and emotional significance.  The world is full of raw beauty, possibilities and adventures.  I hope to share with you, my journey and perceptional creativity through my arts.

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Please enjoy ~ Amy B.

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